Put that phone down if you're driving in Smyrna and Marietta.
Now it's the law!

Marietta is now the second city in Cobb County (and actually all of Georgia) to pass a hands-free driving ordinance last Wednesday. Going into effect on April 1st, the new law will be sure to put more pressure on state lawmakers to pass a statewide law. The City of Smyrna passed a similar law to try to curb road accidents and fatalities that was approved in early January.

While a current Georgia no-texting law has been enforced for some time now, these newly passed regulations go much further, allowing drivers only one touch or swipe and only to initiate hands-free use of the device. This applies to vehicles in motions, but also if temporarily stopped at a stop sign or traffic light. You may now use a mobile device only when lawfully parked or safely pulled over to the side of the road.

Furthermore, watching videos, still images and viewing or reading text based content other than related to navigation or function of the vehicle is now illegal. The only exceptions are for law enforcement and public utility employees responding to emergencies and for regular citizens who are reporting a traffic accident, medical emergency, fire, criminal act or a serious road hazard.

You will now be fined up to $150 per violation and each violation constitutes a separate offense and will be reported to the Department of Driver Services.

Click Here to read the full text of Ordinance 20180094.

So put the phone away. It can wait. Please share this information with your friends and family and drive safely!

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