If you don't want Amazon boxes or groceries sitting on your porch or by your mailbox, the company hopes you might let their delivery drivers unlock your home and place your packages inside. A new service called Amazon Key is about to launch that will allow them to do just that. The drivers will pass strict vetting and combined with a special Wi-Fi connected lock and Amazon Cloud Cam, they will be able to unlock the door and come inside. Customers who want to use the service will need to be Amazon Prime members and purchase the lock and camera for around $250.

Shoppers will be able to chose the in-home delivery option from the Amazon site or app. When the delivery driver arrives, they will first knock and scan the package. Amazon will confirm that they are at the right house and then unlock the door with no need for codes or keys. The indoor camera will record the entire in-home delivery process and users will be able to livestream or view recorded video. Walmart is also testing a similar service that includes dropping off packages and even stocking your fridge with groceries.

Amazon says the new service will be available Nov. 8th in 37 cities, including Atlanta. The smart lock and camera will be available to grant access to guests, housekeepers, dog walkers or anyone else you might want to let into your home. For package deliveries, Amazon does recommend keeping your pets away from having access to the front door.

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